Crowd at DEV + GA meetup

Get Involved!

There's nothing more awesome than meeting your internet friends IRL.

Yes, let's do this!

What to expect from DEV HQ

While we won't be there with you, we'll do our best to help your event be as successful as possible.

  • We'll send you a care package full of DEV stickers, and throw in a few items from the DEV shop as giveaways! You'll be the host that everyone loves.
  • We'll list your event on IRL.DEV, share it in our weekly newsletter, and signal boost through our social accounts.
  • We will provide you with a DEV Connect chat channel to be in touch with DEV Staff as well as other organizers.

What we expect from you

This is your event! But in order for us to support you, we're trusting that you'll uphold our code of conduct and provide an inclusive experience for all attendees.

You should keep your attendees informed the schedule for future events. We will expect a recap of your first few events so we can help improve things, but will mostly leave this up to you.

You're free to organize anything from happy hours (consider non-alcoholic drinks as an option though!) to hackathons to everything in-between. If your event includes speakers, make sure to give speakers a time limit!

Words of Wisdom

Organizing an event takes lots of work. Things you'll want to consider include: venue, catering, sponsors, co-organizers, speakers, volunteers, timing, rsvp management, and more!

Your own company may host and sponsor events and are welcome to give address attendees during the event. We are okay with any sponsorships as long as it is tastefully done. Just keep us in the loop so we can learn what works and what does not.

Here are some great DEV posts from other event organizers:

Are you ready to do this?!