Crowd at DEV + GA meetup

There's nothing better than meeting your internet friends, IRL.

We are looking for organizers to help the community get together!

If you would like to help bridge the online-offline gap, apply to run a DEV meetup.

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Upcoming Events

Port Harcourt Meet Up

2020-01-25Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Bangalore Meetup


Meetup, talks

Past Events

NYC Meetup

2019-06-25New York City

Talks, a "science fair", and hanging out!



Talks related to machine learning along with forming connections with other developers

Tel Aviv Meetup

2019-09-18Tel Aviv

This in-real-life meetup will feature time for meeting new and old friends, lightning talks, and more great conversation!

Milan Meetup

2019-09-23Milan, Italy

It will be a double talk about GraphQL from the point of view of both backend and frontend developers

Omaha Meet Up


This event would be used to give people the opportunity to give a talk on something they've learned and/or something they've read from that they've applied to their life.