Crowd at DEV + GA meetup

There's nothing better than meeting your internet friends, IRL.

We are looking for organizers to help the community get together!

If you would like to help bridge the online-offline gap, apply to run a DEV meetup.

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Upcoming Events

Port Harcourt Meet Up

2020-03-23Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Hangout, Speaker Sessions.

Past Events

NYC Meetup

2019-06-25New York City

Talks, a "science fair", and hanging out!



Talks related to machine learning along with forming connections with other developers

Tel Aviv Meetup

2019-09-18Tel Aviv

This in-real-life meetup will feature time for meeting new and old friends, lightning talks, and more great conversation!

Milan Meetup

2019-09-23Milan, Italy

It will be a double talk about GraphQL from the point of view of both backend and frontend developers

Omaha Meet Up


This event would be used to give people the opportunity to give a talk on something they've learned and/or something they've read from that they've applied to their life.

Bangalore Meetup


We're super glad to announce that event is coming to Bangalore, India. With the help of folks at and the Microsoft community team, we're able to run this meetup. Kindly note the agenda and talk descriptions here: We're looking to do these meetups regularly, so let us know if you want to host or speak at the event.